Can World’s Largest Air Purifier Help Clean Toxic City Air?

When I first happened upon this device – I was amazed. It’s the world’s largest air purifier, designed to take on the world’s pollution woes in a whole new way.

Thinking Big

It’s called the Smog Free Tower and it’s a stylish, oblong structure that stands approximately 23 feet tall and is capable of processing more than 30,000 cubic meters of air every hour.

smog free tower outdoor air purifer

Air pollution is no joke. Harmful particulates and toxic chemicals are spewed into the air in huge amounts every single day. Nobody likes it. Yet, most of us accept it as a necessary evil of the world we live in today.

Each of us can take practical steps to purify the indoor environments in which we live and work. But besides planting more trees and a stricter enforcement of environmental regulations – particularly for industry – it doesn’t seem like much is being done on the air pollution front.

Until now.

Enter Daan Roosegaard and his team of engineers in Rotterdam, Netherlands. It took more than 3 years of research and development before the tower became a reality. But the result is something of significance and global potential.

Clever Design and Ingenuity

The tower utilizes about 1400 watts of sustainable energy. But Roosegaard’s plan is to eventually convert the towers into self-supporting, solar powered units.

As an air scrubber, the Smog Free Tower cleans an impressive amount of air every hour. It works much the same way as some indoor air purifiers – but on a much larger scale.

Outside air is drawn into the tower. Once the air is inside the chamber, it’s then  subjected to positive ions. These ions magnetically attract fine dust particles, which are collected as they removed from the air.

worlds largest air purifier

From Waste To Wanted Product

If that’s all this machine did, it would be notable. But the Smog Free Tower does more.

Not only does the tower scrub the air and remove problem causing contaminants, it also takes this waste material and turns it into something useful, in this case, artificial gemstones.

It condenses and compresses under high-pressure those tiny particles suspended in the air. Then it transforms these pollutants into simulated gemstones that can be used in various pieces of jewelry.

Genius At Work

The tower filters polluted outside air by drawing in all the particulate matter it can. But instead of disposing of those particles, it turns them into something of value.

Impressive, to say the least.

While the first prototype was installed in Rotterdam, plenty of other cities worldwide have shown interest in the tower including Beijing, Paris, and Mumbai.

As a kid in school, I dreamed about developing this kind of solution to an ever-growing global problem. But Daan Roosegaard and his team went much further. They actually brought their vision to life.

True Entrepreneurial Spirit

Not only did they tackle a huge problem – they did so independently. The tower wasn’t funded by government or big business. Instead, this committed group (designer and engineers) did it on their own with help from the general public through crowd-funding.

The potential impact is huge. Imagine one of these towers on top of or beside every factory in the world.  Wouldn’t that make a huge difference in the amount of pollution in the air that we breathe?

The Start of Something Big?

Air pollution is a serious issue. It’s a contributing factor in many health issues today. Daan Roosegaard and his team should be applauded for their efforts.

The possibilities here are endless. The smoke-free tower represents the kind of creative thinking that could make it happen and save our planet.

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