Trekdesk Treadmill Desk Review

Looking to get out of that office chair and onto a treadmill while you work? Well, the Trekdesk treadmill desk might be just the thing you’re searching for.

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If you don’t already own a treadmill, you’ll want to get one now. The Trekdesk is sold separately but when combined with a treadmill – it can be transformational. But you could also use this one as a fully-functional standing desk since the Trek Desk provides all you need to take care of business.

Accommodates All Desktop Components

With a spacious work surface that measures 34 inches deep (at its widest) by 72 inches in length, you’ll have enough room for multiple monitors, keyboard, mouse, tablet, notepads – and more.

The Trekdesk is a rather large piece of furniture. Combined with a treadmill, it occupies considerable space. So you’ll need to take this into account before making your purchase. If you’ve got the space – go for it. You’ll begin reaping the rewards even before you get used to your new standing desk.

Trekdesk Dimensions

Essentially, the Trekdesk sits over and wraps around the treadmill. Treadmills are usually fairly large pieces of equipment. Add in a stand-up desk the size of this one and you’re going to need floor space that’s at least 6.5 feet wide by about 6.5 feet deep – depending on the actual model of treadmill.

What’s great about the Trekdesk is that it can work seamlessly with virtually any brand and model of treadmill.

Comes With Helpful Add-Ons

Built-in features include two coffee cup holders, headset stand, three-level file stand, and a manuscript holder to hold documents upright. Each accessory makes it a little more convenient and easier to do what needs to be done on the job.

The manufacturer suggests a weight capacity of up to 55 pounds. But some users report almost doubling that figure, without having an issue. Of course, we recommend playing it safe and sticking within the suggested limits. After all, you’d hate to push your work surface to the breaking point and then have to go without it altogether. Why take that chance?

User-Friendly Design

With the center cut-out, you’re easily close enough to access the control panel of your treadmill. But what’s particularly helpful is that everything on your work surface is readily accessible too. You’ll have more than enough space to work and can even spread out from there.

Whatever tools or equipment you would use in your typical workday can probably fit on the Trek Desk without any problems . It’s ideal for people who need at least one monitor (and possibly several), keyboard, mouse, iPad, file folders, etc. You’ll still have plenty of room for notes.

Compact To Transport

Despite the large size of a fully-assembled Trekdesk, it’s also relatively compact for packaging purposes, making it much more economical to ship than you might think. Once this foldable desk is assembled properly, it’s quite sturdy and stable.

It’s the height adjustable legs that are the key to establishing an ergonomically correct workstation. Knobs located on the outside of each leg allow for a wide range of height adjustments. The height adjustment holes are numbered to make it a little bit easier to align equally on both sides.

Ideal Height Range

The Trekdesk is best suited to those people who are between 5’4″ to 6’4″ tall. But that doesn’t mean that others cannot use the desk effectively. It simply means that you may have to make some additional modifications if you’re outside of that height range.

Raising the treadmill by putting it on a platform would serve those who are shorter. Adding a platform to the uprights of the Trekdesk would make it more suitable for those who are taller.

Built To Last

With a powder-coated steel frame and height adjustable legs, the Trekdesk is built to last. You can set the height to whatever is most comfortable for you. Set it and forget it.

But if the same desk is to be used by several people of varying sizes on a regular basis, making those adjustments every time could be a bit of a pain. It’s a little inconvenient to adjust the height frequently because it’s a matter of aligning holes on both legs to either raise or lower the work surface.

Sitting All Day Can’t Be Good For You

Studies show that remaining in a seated position all day long takes it’s toll on the body. The more you can stand up – or better yet – walk around on the job, the better it is for your health.

Trekdesk Treadmill Desk Gets You Up and Moving

That’s why the Trekdesk is such a valuable piece of equipment for anyone with adequate space to work at a treadmill desk.

It allows you to combine work with healthy movement, which increases blood circulation. The bottom line is that the Trekdesk helps to make you healthier, more alert, and more productive at the same time.

Your Trekdesk Treadmill Desk Shipment

You can have your Trek Desk arrive at your door anywhere in the continental USA. It’s shipped in a large, 36” x 36” x 14” box that weighs about 80 pounds. If you live outside of the continental US, you may need to engage the services of a freight forwarding company to get your package delivered.

It’s a little inconvenient to adjust on your own because it’s a matter of aligning holes to either raise or lower the work surface. This is easier with two people since the height adjustments are on both sides of the desk. When you can flip the desk upside down so the tabletop is on the floor, it’s easier still because you can actually see what you’re doing.

Ergonomics Are Important

Set it up to the height that appears to be the most appropriate height for you. Ideally, your keyboard should be at elbow height. Your arms should just rest comfortably on the work surface when bent at the elbow ninety degrees. That’s likely the right height for you.

But you’ll need to test this out for yourself. Try this height and then adjust up or down slightly until it’s at the perfect setting.

Working in a standing position with good posture allows you to function in a more ergonomically correct way. It just feels better than sitting in at any kind of a desk. And the more you do it, the better it seems to be for you.

Walking is the most natural form of exercise you can get. Your back is naturally straighter when you walk properly, as opposed to sitting endlessly in an office chair.

Take It Easy At First

It’s best to ease into using the Trekdesk. Don’t go all-out and try to walk for 8 hours on your first day. Instead, work in small increments of say, 30 minutes at a time. After 30 minutes – switch it up.

Stop the treadmill and try working from a standing position at your Trekdesk. Of course, you can always switch to a regular desk and sit down anytime you want. And when you first start using a treadmill desk, that will probably occur fairly often.

Practice leads to improvement. The more you can get up and actually walk at a slow pace and work at the same time, the longer you’ll be able to go between intervals. Try it and you’ll see.

A Slow Pace Is All You Need

Go Slow

Most people find that walking at a slow pace of between 1 to 2 mph is ideal for being able to work at the same time.

At this speed, you can answer the telephone, participate in conference calls, respond to emails, write with your keyboard, or perform any of the typical office related activities.

This is something you can learn to do this quite easily. However, when you just start out, there’s a bit of an adjustment to be made. Once you get used to it, you’ll be astounded what you’re able to accomplish. Once you get used to it, you’ll be astounded what you’re able to accomplish.

TrekDesk Height Dimensions

Variable height adjustments are one of those things that make the Trekdesk a winner. From floor to desktop ranges anywhere from 46 1/2 inches on the low-end to 56 1/2 inches at maximum height.

What’s the Right Treadmill For Trekdesk?

Since almost any treadmill will do, you should have no problem finding one that merges perfectly. With 48 inches of clearance between the two uprights, and a design that fits on top of the arms, most standard treadmills will fit easily. This includes the ProForm 505 CST Treadmill and the Nordic Track Treadmill and many more brands.

The Trek Desk is sold separately. So you may have to add a new treadmill to your purchasing plans as well. The manufacturer shows the desk set up with a treadmill so people can easily visualize how the combination of desk and treadmill would look when set up in their home or office. But some have mistaken this to mean that a treadmill is included when clearly, it is NOT.

Higher Speeds Are Possible

Some people claim that they can work up to about 3 mph and get good work done at the same time. This is admirable. But it may be unlikely for you. It really depends on the nature of your work and your ability to get things done while moving on a treadmill.

When using a keyboard, for example, I find that 2 mph is about the absolute maximum I can reach. But your results may vary. Others can move at a faster clip without sacrificing the quality of their work. If you can too – more power to you! Just don’t count on it happening by default.

It’s recommended that you walk and you do so at a slow pace. Some like to throw in the occasional jog on the treadmill. But for bearing down and getting real work accomplished, we recommend a slow, easy pace.

What’s Unique About The Trek Desk?

The cutout in the center is brilliant in that it provides access to all points of the desktop. You are never too far away from the control panel or anything on your work surface.

It’s clear that the Trekdesk was developed through hands-on experience and feedback. With a spacious work area, you have plenty of room to spread out while you still have everything you need at your fingertips.

What this device does is it gets you out of your seat. And this can only benefit you in the long run. Others have suggested that it can help lower blood pressure and prevent varicose veins and blood clots from developing.

What To Do Before Starting Assembly

First things first – you need to make sure you have the right tools for the job. Primarily, this includes an electric drill. It can be corded or cordless – it doesn’t really matter. You also need a Phillips driver bit and a small drill bit to use for your pilot holes (1/16” is fine).

Before you start putting anything together, it’s always a good idea to layout all the parts and pieces. Separate them into different piles and bag the hardware pieces as separate groups.

Organization Matters

This makes it a whole lot easier to find the pieces and hardware to complete each stage of the assembly. Having all the parts around you in organized groups simplifies the job while making it much less stressful. Spending this crucial time up from can make all the difference in the world.

It’s an idea that doesn’t just apply to the Trekdesk. The same goes for anything that needs to be put together from a bunch of individual pieces. Sort it out first. It’s time well spent because you won’t have to handle each piece multiple times as you search for the right component.

Picture The End Result

It’s also helpful to have an image of the finished assembly. You wouldn’t attempt to put together a jigsaw puzzle without a clear image of the completed work. That just wouldn’t make much sense.

It’s the same thing when assembling furniture. Take a good look at how your product should appear once complete and lock this image into your mind.

PuttingThe Pieces TogetherPutting The Pieces Together

To minimize any frustration that normally goes with the territory when assembling knock-down furniture, it’s best to give yourself every advantage possible.

What you want to do is find a flat, level surface. Hopefully, that’s where you’re going to set up shop with your new treadmill desk.

It’s important to have enough space so that you’re not cramped. Trying to work in a confined space is difficult at best. A large, open area is best makes it much easier.

Help Wanted

It’s best to have a helper when it’s time to assemble. It’s much easier to do with two people. But if you’re short a pair of hands, don’t despair. You can do it on your own. It will just take longer to complete.

Even more important than having a helper is having the right tools for the job. Start with the essential ones like an electric drill, extension cord, pilot bit, and Phillips driver bit.

These are important tools due to the number of screws that need to be installed where no pre-drilled holes exist. You’ll be driving these screws into hard, thick plastic – that’s why a driver and pilot bit are recommended.

Overall, it’s relatively easy to put together the Trekdesk. Follow the diagrams that are included along with the written instructions. You don’t need any special handyman skills – although it is helpful – just as it would be with assembling any large item.

Folding Instructions

The desk is foldable, much like a folding table. That’s what makes it easy to move.Clear off the top of your desk and slide it away from the treadmill. Flip it over to remove the support struts (built-in slots under the desk are designed to hold these). Fold the legs down on top of one another and you’re done.

Folding up the Trekdesk makes it much easier to transport and tuck away in a storage closet or under a bed.

What Users Love About the Trekdesk

The Trekdesk benefits from a smart design that provides users with a large, fully-functional, “wraparound” work surface so that everything is at your fingertips.

Optional accessory locations provide flexibility so you’re not stuck with a set layout. It’s the perfect accompaniment to virtually any treadmill right out of the box, without requiring modifications.

Intelligent engineering and sturdy construction provide more than adequate overall stability that should hold up well for years. The hard plastic work surface is durable and offers a solid platform to work on. It’s also surprisingly easy to clean.

Spacious Work Area

With a generous work area, there’s plenty of space to spread out and handle any kind of work you would normally only perform while seated at a standard desk. The wide range of adjustability means it can work for any adult that’s of “average” size.

When set up to be used with a treadmill, the Trekdesk seems huge. I guess that’s because the work surface is almost 3 feet by 6 feet, which is larger than most desks. But it’s also higher than other desks. So that also contributes to the size impression.

Pack It Up

When you need space for other things, it’s easy to fold up the lightweight Trekdesk. You can then reassemble it elsewhere, or put away in storage until you’re ready to use it again.

It’s a rare, full-size, adjustable height standing desk built specifically for use with a treadmill. What makes it particularly unique is that it offers both quality and economy.

Trekdesk Dislikes

For some people, the Trekdesk seems a little pricey. But the same could be said about virtually any product. It actually costs less than most standard workstations or desks – and those ones provide no health benefit whatsoever.

Furniture purchases should be looked at as a long-term investment. If you get 5 solid years of service from your investment, the cost per year is just 20% of the total price. Get 10 years out of it and your annual cost is just 10%.

It’s healthy to be on your feet. So if you can walk as you work, you should jump at the chance. Can you really put a price on your health and emotional wellbeing?

Email Support

No company phone contact number is supplied. All you get is an email address. For some, this is an inconvenience. But for those of us who detest waiting on hold, or going the motions of following corporate phone directory hell – it’s a blessing in disguise.

Email allows you to avoid all that. But it’s only effective when you hear back in a timely manner and by all accounts, the customer service provided by Trekdesk is top drawer.

Pre-Drilling Missed

There are no predrilled holes. If these were provided, the product would surely cost a lot more than in does. For some, it may be a little difficult to fit the various pieces together perfectly.

If you are unfamiliar with assembling furniture, this could be a problem. And while an instruction manual is provided with both diagrams and written instructions, it’s still just a manual. So it may not be up to par (no shocker there) although it has improved over time. There is a video available too. But your best but might be to seek the assistance of a handyman friend or neighbor.

Handyman Installation Tip

Whatever you do, take the time to align the pieces in the correct position and hold them firmly in place. Pre-drill using a small pilot bit. Offset the pilot hole slightly so that once the screw enters it will naturally pull the two pieces tight together. Then drive those screws home firmly with a drill.

Some have complained that the Trekdesk takes up a lot of space. Unfortunately, there’s no way around that. If you don’t have the room – this isn’t going to work for you. Perhaps the company will make a smaller model for tighter spaces at some point. But for now, the full-size model is the only option.

Get Used To It

Using a treadmill desk as intended takes some getting used to. At first, it will probably feel a little awkward. But soon enough, it becomes second nature. In fact, you’ll get so used to it and the benefits it delivers that going back to the sitting desk all day might prove difficult. You’ll naturally want to get up and move.

Who Is The Trekdesk Best For?

This is an ideal solution for busy people who don’t have a lot of time for exercise. Although it’s essentially a piece of furniture, when used in conjunction with a treadmill, the Trek Desk provides an excellent opportunity to get you moving.

It isn’t a complete replacement for exercise, but it sure helps. It’s not the same as working out at the gym. But it does get you off the couch – and that’s good for everyone.

Hidden Benefit

If there’s a hidden benefit here, it’s that it won’t feel like you’re actually doing two things at once. You’ll be productively multitasking because you’ll be focused on your work.

The walking part will come automatically, without diverting your attention away. It’s like background music. You know it’s there, but it’s not a distraction.

Verdict: The Trekdesk Is A Fantastic Piece of Equipment To Own

The Trekdesk used with a treadmill contributes to better physical and emotional health. According to the experts, sitting down all day can be dangerous to your health. It can help you get rid of multiple aches and pains that are caused – or amplified – by sitting too long. It will improve your focus and your attitude. It’s a great mood lifter, particularly when you’re having a tough day.

Walking is said to help lower blood pressure and relieve stress naturally. It can mean fewer knots in your back and shoulders and looser muscles. It can help ease lower back pain triggered by sitting in an office chair all day long over a number of years. You’ll tend to experience greater flexibility and less pain as you walk through your work.

Energy, Focus, and Productivity

One thing you’re sure to notice is that you have sustained energy, focus, and productivity over longer periods. They’ll be no more mid-morning letdowns. And no afternoon crashes either.

It’s not as though you’re working out, yet it does get the blood flowing. You’ll breathe deeper and take in more fresh air. Even this small amount of movement is enough to stimulate the mind and body. You’ll feel more alert and more in tune with what you’re doing. As a result, you’ll naturally become more productive on the job.

Walking at a comfortable pace tends to give you more energy than it requires from you. A slow walk does not require a treadmill with a long track. Since your stride is more compact, practically any treadmill will serve the purpose. You can always step up to a better treadmill later.

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