Austin Air Healthmate 400 Review

This Austin Air Healthmate 400 review was written to provide some realistic answers for anyone considering buying a new air purification system. The Healthmate 400 (also known as the HM400 as well as the A400) is a rock-solid filtration device that provides thorough air cleaning.

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This powerful purifier removes large and small particles, harmful chemicals, and noxious gases.

If you’re looking to reduce or eliminate allergy symptoms like congestion, sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes, runny nose, dry mouth, and sore throat- the Healthmate could be ideal for you. It also helps to minimize asthma attacks and the wheezing that often goes with those attacks.

Austin Air Purifier Improves SleepAustin Air’s Healthmate 400 can dramatically improve the quality of your sleep.

This is important because sleep is essential for restoring the body, strengthening the immune system and maintaining good health overall.

Using true medical grade HEPA filtration to capture and remove 99.97% of airborne particles as little as .3 micron in size, the 400 is highly effective in doing what it’s supposed to do. It also removes up to 95% of particles of .1 micron and smaller.

That’s some serious filtration and purification capability by any standard.

All Austin Air filters themselves are made from this same medical grade HEPA. So it doesn’t really matter which model you buy. Either way, you’re getting the best HEPA protection available in this class of quality air purifiers.

These filters are also useful in capturing and containing dust, pollen, smoke, chemicals, bacteria, viruses and other pollutants.

The Austin Air Healthmate 400 is a quality, well-made unit with an all-steel casing. It’s built to last and perform for customers for years. So you can count on the Healthmate 400 to deliver fresher, cleaner air 24/7 for a long time to come.

One of these machines can handle any room up to 1500 ft.², according to the manufacturer’s specifications. But one thing to remember is that this applies to one room or open area. Not one that’s divided by hallways, stairways, or multiple floors.

Single Room Air PurificationEssentially, you should think of these purifiers as portable units. They are designed to service one room – or at least, one room at a time.

This means that if you’re buying one purifier for a 1500 square-foot home, you’re bound to be disappointed with the results due to the layout of a typical home with several rooms for different purposes.

Think of these units and competing products as room air purifiers. That’s really what they are. They’re designed and capable of cleaning one room at a time.

What’s interesting is that although the manufacturer suggests rooms up to 1500 ft.² for the Healthmate 400, customers who are most satisfied with their purchases have used the 400 model in rooms that are much smaller. In fact, happy buyers seem to be using this device in rooms that average around 800 ft.².

This is where the Austin Air Healthmate 400 seems to work particularly well – in spaces of approximately 750 to 1000 ft.².

It’s in this range where the Healthmate 400 seems to deliver the best value. Although there is a significant upfront cost when purchasing, it is less than several competing models.

According to WebMD, HEPA filters are proven to remove dust, dust mites, dander, mold spores, and pollen from the air. HEPA is the safest, surest, and most respected purification method available. And nobody makes a better, more effective HEPA filter than Austin Air.

Austin Healthmate Plus Review

The Healthmate 400 represents the “standard” unit offered by Austin Air. But they also provide the Healthmate PLUS (also referred to as the 450, HM450 and A450).

Both the STANDARD and PLUS models are proven performers when it comes to purifying the air. But the Healthmate PLUS is the best choice for anyone who has any sort of chemical sensitivity. This makes it a choice for those living in contaminated areas, with higher levels of particles in the air.

If you or anyone in your office or family tends to suffer from a serious respiratory condition, the Healthmate PLUS is likely the machine that would best serve your purposes and provide the most relief.

Which model is most effective at removing VOCs from the air? Answer: the Healthmate PLUS.

What’s MORE About The PLUS?

The PLUS model contains everything the STANDARD does, plus an additional carbon filter that’s infused with potassium iodide. This added filter is designed to pull dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde and benzene and more from your indoor air.

The Healthmate PLUS is a wise choice for particularly contaminated air, or where volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) are known to be present. That’s not to say that this is all the PLUS device does.

It also has all the other filtering capabilities of the Austin Air STANDARD purifier. So you can count on it to remove things like dust, dust mites, pollen, smoke, bacteria and viruses as well.

Again, the manufacturer claims that this purification system is ideal for up to 1500 ft.² of space. But for best results, I suggest scaling that down to around 750 to 1000 ft.². Therefore, if your office or open area floor space is 2000 ft.² for example, I would recommend acquiring two of these units. That should do an admirable job of purifying the air for you.

clean airWith plenty of clean air generated, everyone can breathe easier.

Air Quality Control

It’s important to monitor the quality of your air on an ongoing basis. Never take your fresh air for granted. Keep on top of any noticeable change and check on both the pre-filter and main filter.

It’s likely time for a change if regular cleaning doesn’t do the trick.

Remember that this system has an additional filter built into it and that one contains carbon. It’s actually a combination of carbon and zeolite that protects you against dangerous VOCs in the air.

The problem though is that activated carbon filters can become saturated through use. So it’s always best to err on the side of caution and monitor your filter and replace it frequently.

Although this means spending more money, it will definitely ensure that you will most certainly benefit from the cleaner air you’ll be breathing.

What Austin Air Purifier Should You Buy?

Any Austin Air purifier is a stellar choice – as long as the room size is well within the device’s practical capacity. With Austin, you can be assured of getting cleaner indoor air. And chances are, you’ll easily detect just how much fresher and healthier the air feels.

Austin Air Purifier Produces Fresh Air Inside

If you or those around you have sensitivities to airborne particles or gasses, this device will surely be a blessing. Anyone who works or lives in a busy urban area, or close to major roadways will certainly benefit by having an Austin Air device nearby.

Even people living on farms appreciate the clean air they get inside their homes, thanks to the Healthmate purifier.

You get the same technology built into every Austin Air model. The differences lie in the size of the space in which the machine will be used.

This company also offers a few additional options like their Bedroom Air Purifier and the Baby’s Breath model for specific use applications. Additionally, they supply various PLUS models for added protection to those who are most adversely affected by airborne chemicals.

Let’s Be Realistic

While there are several different models in the Austin Air lineup, you want to choose based on your own specific needs.

Room size and air issues you are currently facing should be the two main considerations. It’s best to go well within the suggested allowances, rather than pushing the boundaries.

For best results, you don’t want to push the room size to the limit because there’s only so much one machine can do. It doesn’t matter what brand you buy. It’s always going to produce better results for you when it’s not working at capacity.

I suggest taking what any manufacturer states as the allowable room size and reducing it by 30% to 50%. That’s the best way to ensure that you will not just be satisfied, but more than likely delighted with your new results.

Your Mileage May Vary

If the stated room size allowance is up to 1000 square feet, for example, figure on the Healthmate 400 machine being most effective in the 500 to 700 square-foot range.

That’s not to say it won’t work for your purposes in larger spaces. It may. Then again, it may not. It’s just that manufacturers in many different industries have been known to overstate things. It’s all part of their marketing and sales effort. But smart consumers are beginning to realize this in larger numbers.

Manufacturer’s Spin?

It’s just that manufacturers in many different industries have been known to overstate things. It’s all part of their marketing and sales effort. But smart consumers are beginning to realize this in larger numbers.

Experience tells me that you’ll be much happier with your purchase when you see through the seller’s claims and look at things from a slightly different perspective. The whole idea is to get relief and lots of fresher, healthier indoor air flowing so that everyone can enjoy the benefits that go with it.

Quality Costs Money

Quality air purifiers of any brand are not cheap. There’s just no way to avoid making a significant investment. The good news is that a quality brand of air purifier like Austin Air can and does make a world of difference.

After all, nothing is more important than having clean, breathable air when you’re spending at least eight hours of your day in any particular location on the job or at home.

Choose Appropriately

Room size is the number one consideration when it comes to choosing Austin or any other purifier on the market. Your room size will tell you whether you should be considering  a “Standard” or “Healthmate Jr” model.

If an Austin Air Healthmate Jr will meet your needs, you can save yourself some money by opting for this lower-priced model. But these units tend to work best in smaller rooms and may not appear to be working at all in larger spaces.

It’s possible that the larger capacity “Standard” model would be a better choice for you. Measure the room you’re planning to use it in and then look at the best available options to suit.

What Makes Austin Air Purifiers Different?

The Austin Healthmate is said to remove more than 300 particulates in the air. With a 360° intake to efficiently pull in more air by drawing it from all sides of the machine, the Austin air purifier stands apart from competitors.

The entire lower section of the device is all air intake, allowing greater processing capability in every direction.

4 Stages To the Process

Only Austin Air offers a four-stage air filtration’s system.

During the first stage of operations, the large pre-filter captures and contains larger particles like pet dander, hair, and dust.

At stage two, the medium-sized pre-filter seizes mid-size to small particles like pollen and mold spores.

During stage number three, the Austin Air Healthmate 400 utilizes a 15 pound (activated carbon and zeolite) filter to eliminate harmful gasses, chemicals, and odors.

Finally, the fourth stage of filtering features a massive 60 ft.² certified medical HEPA filter, blocking 99.97% of the remaining particles in the air as small as .3 micron.

The “Carbon” Factor

The more carbon a filter contains the better it is at filtering such things as smoke and chemicals from the air. Therefore, the “standard” Healthmate is more powerful than the Healthmate JR in containing those pollutants.

Also, as one might expect, the smaller Healthmate Junior purifier takes longer to clean the same size room than does the larger, standard edition.

The Healthmate 400 is a powerful unit that’s particularly effective for people with sensitivity to chemicals. It’s designed to be as effective in your office or home as it is in the many hospitals and operating rooms in which this model is used.

What To Expect When You Order an Austin Air Purifier Healthmate 400

Shipping is prompt and affordable. An added perk is that the 400 arrives fully assembled and in ready-to-use condition. Just open up the box, plug in your brand new unit and benefit from the fresh air it produces. It’s easy to use with a simple three-speed (low, medium and high) dial.

Operating costs for this type of device average less than a penny per hour of actual use. It’s a rugged machine that’s built to run 24 hours a day for years – without ever overheating.

Standard on the Healthmate 400 is the 120 V three prong plug. At the highest speed power consumption is a mere 135 Watts. making it an energy efficient air purifier.

Gets Rid Of Harmful Airborne Pollutants

For removing chemical smells from new flooring, memory foam, upholstery and any renovation work you may have ongoing at any time, the Healthmate 400 does an excellent job.

Austin Air Healthmate 400 Review

It can take several days, or even weeks to get rid of the gasses emitted from some of these materials. But this workhorse air cleaner can certainly do the job safely – without any downside.

What People Like About the Austin Healthmate Air Purifier

First and foremost, what customers love is how well this machine performs in cleaning the air. The Healthmate clearly delivers effective air purification – without any downside (other than cost).

It’s a quality device that is rated for use in hospitals and has been used by numerous government departments and agencies.

The Healthmate has solved indoor air pollution issues where lesser units have failed repeatedly.

A Noticeable Step Up From Everyday Brands

In many cases, the Healthmate is not the first air purifier a customer has owned.

More often than not, it is purchased as a hopeful replacement for some other device that just didn’t get the job done. Once it has been fired up, it usually doesn’t take too long to notice the difference intelligent engineering makes.

The powder-coated, all metal exterior looks and feels like it will last for decades. Since it’s made of metal, there’s no harmful off-gassing from the unit that can occur from plastic devices.

On the low and medium settings, the sound is acceptable to the huge majority of buyers. At these levels, almost nobody is bothered by  it. It’s an ambient “white noise” that you hear while the machine scrubs the air and alleviates most common symptoms quickly. At the top speed, it is noticeably louder – but not excessively so.

Compact and Built To Last

Austin Air’s Healthmate 400 is a relatively compact unit that’s unobtrusive. One might even call it attractive and with five optional finishes, you can make it fit nicely with the decor of any office or home.

Austin Air Fits Any Decor

Both the machine and the filter have been engineered to provide years of reliable service.

It takes large volumes of air in from all sides of the device and then blows out fresh air through the top.

But it does so on an angle, rather than straight up, which tends to refresh a room faster than comparable brands.

Looks Good Anywhere

With a clean, simple and attractive design, the Healthmate fits in pretty well anywhere. It’s a convenient size for placement on most any table or floor.

Aesthetically, it’s pleasing to the eye and its light enough to move around from room to room if necessary, without straining. It’s also easy to set up and operate, with simple, idiot-proof controls.

Environmentally-Friendly Purification

What’s particularly interesting is that the Healthmate 400 comes with a power cord that is shielded to reduce EMF emissions. Most manufacturers don’t bother to do so, but Austin Air does. The PLUS model also is capable of handily filtering harmful VOCs.

You’ll likely agree that the Austin Air Healthmate is a better quality machine than you’ll find in the big box stores. Users report having fewer shared viruses and colds – common nuisances that often spread like wildfire in confined spaces.

What Some People Don’t Like About the Austin Air Healthmate 400

On the highest setting, the machine is loud – louder than most people expected in advance. On the other hand, it’s loud because it’s filtering a large amount of their quickly and efficiently and this requires additional power.

It’s a costly device, to be sure. Definitely more expensive than the lower end units put out by companies like Honeywell or Oreck.

But let’s be honest here. We’re essentially talking about two different classes of purifiers. Once you step up to a “professional” grade device, you’ve got to know that it’s going to cost you more money.

Location is Important

Finding the right location where the machine can be positioned for maximum efficiency and purification power can be a challenge. This is especially true in congested spaces – whether it’s at work or home.

You might find it helpful to try a few different locations. Ideally, you want noticeably cleaner air, without having your device stick out like a sore thumb.

Another common complaint is that there is no indicator light to notify one when the filter is in need of replacement. Some machines do have this feature, but it is only a timer. You can easily track this for yourself and your personal calendar. No big deal there.

Check Your Shipment Once It Arrives

Packaging is another complaint I’ve heard in the past. Clearly, some units were shipped out without as much protective wrapping as should’ve been used. I suspect that this these shipments came from a rather careless independent dealer. Either that or somebody was asleep at the switch.

With such detailed thinking having gone into the engineering and design of the Austin Air Healthmate purifier, it seems completely backwards that the company would risk damaging their machines and having to deal with the fallout due to carelessness and ill-conceived packaging.

Why Should I Advertise For the Manufacturer?

Some find the Austin Air logo on the filtration device to be not very attractive. It’s kind of like those nameplates car dealers stick on your new car before you get to drive it off the lot. While most accept it, others find this practice obnoxious and even offensive because the customer is actually advertising the brand after paying good money to acquire the product.

The Biggest Pain

Perhaps the biggest beef with Austin Air is the high cost of replacement filters. This is certainly understandable and it’s a complaint every manufacturer hears.

The fact is that Austin Air filters are substantially more expensive than those of most competitors. However, they are also much more elaborate and longer-lasting – by a large margin – than anything else on the market.

But unless you get multiple years of use out of a single filter, it is an expensive element. The manufacturer suggests that under normal conditions a filter should last five years before it needs changing.

It’s not all that expensive when costs are carried over five years. Besides, no matter what brand you buy, replacing filters on an ongoing basis is one of those things you’ll have to do to enjoy clean air.

Austin Air Purifier Ozone?

One added benefit of an Austin Air purifier is that the manufacturer does not use electrostatic action or ion generation. Therefore, the Austin Air HealthMate does NOT emit any harmful by-products such as Ozone. The only thing this machine produces is fresher, cleaner air.

Ozone-Free Air

The Verdict: Highly Recommended

It’s a winner! The Healthmate 400 is a solid machine backed by a company with a track record of performance. With proper care and filter replacement, your Healthmate 400 should last several years, making it a sound investment.

Will it be the answer for you? It’s highly likely that it will. Consider the following three questions:

1. Where (in what environment) will the purifier be used?
2. What is the overall square footage of the room?
3. Will the machine be regularly cleaned, maintained, and monitored?

Choose an air purifier based on your needs and be sure to keep an eye on it. That’s the best way to get the most out of your investment, regardless of the brand you ultimately buy.

For those with any sort of chemical sensitivity, Austin Air is an obvious choice in the marketplace. But it’s also a sound option for anyone who wants cleaner, safer air inside – at work or at home.

Nothing in this world is more important to a lifetime of health and well-being than having clean air to breathe.

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