Alen T500 Tower Air Purifier Review: Great Name – Low Price

Alen T500 Air Purifiers: Economy and Effectiveness Combined

In this Alen T500 Tower Air Purifier review, you’ll learn all about Alen’s smart, attractive design that saves space. The T500 provides decent power and performance at a reasonable price. It offers a three-speed fan and ionizer. Additional filter options (4 in total) for the T500 are the same as what Alen offers for all of its air purifiers. I found this to be a relatively quiet device with easy-to-operate controls.

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Imagine a sleek tower design measuring a compact 22 inches in height and about 6 inches in width and you’ve pictured the Alen Air T500 Tower Air Purifier. Alen claims that it’s 25% smaller than competing brands. The fact that it takes up only a tiny amount of floor space is one of its most attractive features.

Ideal For Small To Mid-Size Rooms

Alen states that the T500 is good for rooms up to 500 square feet. But that may be stretching it.

The owner’s manual says that it covers 500 ft.² on high speed, 300 ft.² of medium and 150 ft.² on low. That’s what the manufacturer claims the machine is capable of handling. But I’ve discovered that a good rule of thumb is to reduce the manufacturer’s allowance by one-third to one-half.

Therefore, it seems more reasonable that a 250 to 375 ft.² room is likely closer to the optimal size for the Alen Air Purifier T 500. If your room is actually 500 ft.², you might be better off with a more powerful unit like the Fit50.

Removable Pre-Filter Makes Good Sense

Like other Alen units, the T500 contains a removable pre-filter that the air is forced through before getting to the HEPA filter inside. This device alone captures a significant amount of large particles, hair and pet dander.

What’s really cool about the pre-filter is that it can be emptied, vacuumed and washed regularly. It attaches with Velcro, so removal and replacement are easy tasks.

Longer Life Made Easy

Cleaning helps extend the life of filter – and the machine. Of course, it’s important that any such maintenance is performed with the greatest of care. The last thing you want to do is poke a hole in either filter. That means an earlier filter change than would otherwise have been required.

Specialty Filters Are Available

There are 4 filter types that are available as additional options with the T500. The same holds true with  every Alen Air Purifier system. These 4 HEPA filters are as follows:

Pure (for dust and allergens)
Fresh (with activated carbon to combat dust and light odors, and address allergy symptoms)
Silver (for allergies, mold, bacteria, light odors)
OdorCell (for smoke, heavy odors, and allergens)

What You Get With Your T500 Purchase

You can expect to find one each of the following inside the box:

Alen T500 Hepa Tower Air Purifier
Hepa-Pure filter (designed for dust and allergens)
Getting Started Guide
Alen Air T500 Tower Air Purifier Owner’s Manual (a separate manual in Spanish is also included)

To Ionize Or Not To Ionize – That Is The Question

The Alen T500 includes a built-in ionizer. This can be switched off or on to suit your needs at ay time, just as I can with all Alen purifiers. The ionizer is a helpful component because it electrifies particles making more of them stick to the filter. This prevents those harmful pollutants from escaping back into the room air.

The 12-hour timer is another useful feature built into every T500. You can set it to power off at any predetermined time, so you don’t have to think about it later.

Plugs Into To Any Standard Outlet

The T500 is a standard, 120 V device that plugs into any corresponding wall outlet. Power consumption measures 53 Watts at top speed and 30 Watts at the lowest.

Several users report that it works well – even extremely well – in rooms that are 300-400 square feet in size. Your mileage may vary as is always the case.

A Little About Alen Air

Alen Air has been manufacturing and distributing a range of quality portable air purifiers since 2006. Based in Austin, Texas – they have continuously provided some of the best air purifiers on the market today right across the country.

Their stated intention is to improve life for their customers by cleaning the air and eliminating a large portion of the total particles and pollutants that make the air inside offices and homes less than ideal for breathing.

allergy relief from cleaner airAlen’s indoor air cleaning systems promise relief from allergies, asthma, pet dander, smoke, and odors and they do actually deliver on those promises.

Their air purifiers have helped improve the quality of indoor air so everyone fortunate enough to own an Alen product can breathe at least a little bit easier.

Healthier indoor environments begin with safer, cleaner air. In fact, the quality of one’s life is dependent on the quality of the air they routinely breathe.

Anyone considering an air purifier purchase would be wise to at least look that the various options offered by Alen Air. They manufacture quality products and the key is to choose the right model for your needs.

What’s Unique about Alen?

One advantage Alen offers stands head and shoulders above their competitors and that is their lifetime guarantee. It’s unmatched and in fact, unchallenged by competitors in the air purification industry.

Combined with the reportedly stellar customer service of Alen Air and it’s hard not to give this company and its line of products serious consideration.

Their commitment to their customers and the quality of their products shows that these guys mean business. Clearly, they have become a serious player in the air purification market in short order.

An Unmatched Warranty

While most companies offer a bare minimum guarantee, Alen Corp. goes way beyond the usual. Logically, the only way they could do this and stay in businesses is by producing quality products that customers value.

Logically, the only way they could do this and stay in businesses is by producing quality products that customers value. And that’s exactly what Alen Air does.

A Serious Player

That’s how they’ve become a serious player in the air purification market in short order.

While most companies offer a bare minimum guarantee, Alen Corp. goes way beyond the usual. Logically, the only way they could do this and stay in businesses is by producing quality products that customers value.

According to Alen, if there’s ever a problem with your air purification system and you have maintained it properly, they will either replace the faulty part or replace the entire system. Their claim is that this will occur whether the unit is 20 months old or 20 years.

There’s no doubt about it. This is the strongest warranty you can find in the industry.

Nobody else even comes close to offering what Alen does. Their warranty alone makes Alen a strong contender right out of the gate.

Regular Guarantees Still Apply

They also offer a standard, 60-day money-back guarantee. This allows you two full months to try out any one of their air purification systems. If it’s not to your satisfaction, you get a full refund, according to Alen (minus the shipping cost, which averages $20 – $30, depending on your location).

fast air purification from Alen

It’s interesting that the majority of customers notice the condition of their indoor air within about two days.

To be fair, it takes some considerably longer (up to a couple of weeks). And other people cannot detect any change in air quality.

Either way, you are within the stated limits of the money back guarantee period. While the manufacturer doesn’t promote it this way, in theory, you could take an Alen out for a test drive at very little risk.

Trial Run

So if you don’t notice improved results within the first two months, you can return the product and get your money back. In effect, you can actually try it out and let the machine prove its value to you before committing to any purchase.

So your total risk is twenty to thirty dollars to give it a whirl.

Should you have any questions, Alen Air offers friendly and helpful customer service agents who are there to walk you through any challenges you might have and address any concerns. These services are available to you as a customer for as long as you own any model of Alen Air purifier.

*Note: Neither the warranty or any extra assistance is transferrable to a secondary owner.

Alen Air Purifier Filtration

Alen Air’s systems are cleverly engineered for efficiency in cleaning the air. They use what they term “HEPA-like” filters in their purification process. It’s not “true Hepa” — and Alen has (unjustly, in my opinion) taken a lot of heat for this.

I believe Alen Air’s purification systems are engineered for overall effectiveness and therefore, are perfect for most people.

What exactly is a HEPA filter anyway? HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. Hepa filters are made of a special, pleated fabric consisting of a huge number of tightly-woven fiberglass threads. This formation creates a powerful shield that blocks various particles in the air.

The Magic of HEPA

Hepa was originally designed for military use. Since then, it has become a safe, proven and trusted process for effective air filtration.

True Hepa filters offer 99.97% effectiveness in removing airborne particles as small as .3 microns. Alen air’s HEPA-like filtration process provides 99% effectiveness down to an equal size (.3 micron). The difference in what is actually captured by “True-Hepa” over the Hepa-like version is minimal.  Filters provided by Alen (any version) have proven to be effective in blocking dust, pet dander, pollen, and mold.

Alen has engineered their units to clean with greater efficiency. The result for most users is fresher, cleaner air, faster.

On the flip side, if those .97 percent of microscopic particles are problematic to you or someone sharing the same indoor space, efficiency would probably NOT be your primary concern. In this case, your search would likely lead in the direction of a True Hepa purifier – one that would give you the absolute purest air possible.

How big is a micron?

The only way to comprehend the size of a micron is to compare it to something else. The thickness of a single human hair measures about 70 to 100 microns. How many microns can fit in a one-inch space? Answer: 25400.

Most airborne particles are much smaller than a hair, hence the need for air purifiers. Since HEPA blocks microscopic particles as tiny as.3 of a micron, it’s safe to say that this is an effective way to capture and contain those pollutants that damage your indoor air.

Takes Care of Most Airborne Particles

These particles are the irritants that negatively affect asthma and allergy sufferers – while making the air unhealthy for anyone.

Typically, airborne particles that affect those with respiratory conditions the most are often 1 to 10 microns in size. When those pollutants are removed from the air, that’s when allergy and asthma sufferers find relief.

All the crap that’s floating around out there isn’t helpful to anyone. But to those of us with any breathing-related issues, it can make life downright miserable.

Manufactured In China

All of Alen Air’s products are manufactured in China and shipped from within the continental United States. Some people are bothered by the “Made in China” association. But let’s face it, pretty much everything is made there these days.

Assuming that anything from China must be cheaply made or inferior in some way is no longer accurate. In truth, there are a lot of high quality, U.S. designed products from highly-respected brands are now made there and elsewhere.

What is “cheaper” are the labor and operating costs, forcing manufacturers of all kinds of products to find more competitive ways to deliver quality goods at home. It’s a reality of the world we live in today.

Alan T500 Air Purifier CADR

Any device’s CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) is one way to measure the effectiveness in refreshing the air within a given room. This measurement does not factor in the degree or effectiveness of filtration, only the rate at which filtered air flows back into the given space.

Below are the CADR results for the Alen T500 purifier:

Smoke: 121
Dust: 142
Pollen: 159

When should the Hepa filter be changed? Optimal filter changes depend on practical use, environment, and any specific health issues you want to address. The manufacturer recommends changing the filter every 6 months with daily use and every 12 months with light use.

Alen T500 Air Purifier with HEPA and OdorCell Filter

One popular configuration is to use the optional OdorCell Hepa filter in the T500. With this set-up, cigarette, cigar and pipe smoke removal is noticeably effective. The OdorCell is the best filter to use for smokers, or for any environment with strong odors.

It’s always best to place your device in the room and let it run on high for a couple of hours. Let the T500 go to work to clear the air of smoke and other pesky odors. This combination is also effective at filtering large particles, fine dust, and any pollen that may be in the air.

All Motors Make Some Noise

Alen’s T500 operates relatively quietly, except on higher speeds. But this is a common issue with every air filter/purifier on the market. Motors make noise.

The higher the speed, the louder they get – that’s just the way it is. You wouldn’t expect an electric fan to be quiet when you crank it up as high as it will go. So you shouldn’t expect a purifier to be any less noisy.

If you’re using the T500 in an extra dusty room, such as during renovation work, it’s important to let the dust settle and then clean it up as best you can before activating the purifier.

If you don’t do this, you’re effectively shooting yourself in the foot.

The result will be a quickly clogged purifier and poor results. If you don’t clean any dust accumulations first, the fan will simply blow it around and stir up more of the dust that’s already there, worsening air quality instead of bettering it.

How To Use an Alen Air Purifier T500

All Alen units sold in the United States and shipped from within the country. So you can expect delivery within a reasonable timeframe.

When your Alen T500 arrives, you’ll see that it was well-packaged and preassembled. This means is easy to be up and you’ll be running in no time. Simply take your sparkling new T500 out of the box.

Next, locate and then insert the separately packed filter. All units come with the Hepa–Pure filter for dust and allergens. With the filter installed, all you have to do is plug it in and choose your speed. Now you’re ready to begin enjoying, cleaner, healthier air.

What People Like About The Alen T500 Tower Purifier

Everybody loves the sleek design and the compact size of the T500. It takes up very little space. It’s lightweight and is easily placed anywhere with the built-in handle. Perfect for traveling with too. The buttons are easy to understand – POWER, TIME, ION, SPEED, and RESET.

This device does an effective job of cleaning and refreshing the air. It provides relief of allergy symptoms such as itchy eyes, stuffy sinuses, and that miserable feeling that goes with it. The T500 works to eliminate dust, dust mites, mold spores, mildew, pet dander, pollen and cooking odors from the air. It is extremely quiet when on low, which is ideal for a private office or bedroom.

The T500 helps with those with sensitivity to odors in the air. It’s a cost-effective tool for anyone with a sensitive nose that may be exposed to irritating scents.

It’s A Self-Serve Purifier

The pre-filter is easy to vacuum clean and rinse in water. It should be left to dry thoroughly before it goes back in. This helps extend the life of the filter and purifier providing, delivering greater value to the buyer.

What’s particularly gratifying is that every time you clean the pre-filter, you can see just what it has accumulated. Often you’ll find plenty of dust and hair trapped in the pre-filter. This is positive proof that the device is working as it should.

The T500 helps make breathing easier and better. Most buyers notice a difference within a matter of hours. Generally speaking, there is less dust around.

Another thing that people like is that with this filter you can set it to high when you’re not there. This way the loud noise at the top speed won’t be a factor and the purifier can get to work and clean the air.

The T500 produces results fast with noticeably cleaner air. It’s a good solution for budget conscious buyers. It’s inexpensive as far as purifiers go. yet at the same time, it’s an efficient machine.

The quality of customer service one might expect should certainly be a factor when making any kind of air purification purchase. Alen scores full marks in this category. They’re quick to reply courteously to questions and concerns.

Set up is easy. Simply receive the package. Open the box, read the manual, install the filter set up the unit where you want to plug it in and turn it on. Let it run for 15 to 20 minutes initially at least and notice whether you whether it makes a difference.

What People Tend To Dislike About the Alen T500

Some have complained that the T500 is slightly more expensive than others in its class. I guess it all depends on how you look at it and what value you get for your money.

At high speed, the noise can be problematic for some. It’s louder than others in its class. On the upside, it is more powerful and power comes louder machines.

Cooler Air

Another complaint about the T500 is that it cools the room down as it blows out clean, cool air. It isn’t just the T500 – All Alen purifiers do this. But this effect is not limited to Alen. Cooler blowing air may be a disadvantage in the colder months.

But it’s also a huge advantage in the summer as it may allow you to turn down the air conditioning and still feel comfortable.

Replacement filters are not cheap. Current filter prices range from $44-$89 – depending on function. This always seems to be an issue with any type of filtration system.

Wherever filters are used, replacements are necessary for maximum effectiveness. Replacement filters are something that should be factored into the cost, no matter what purification system you buy.

If you think this or any tower purifier is a heavy duty piece of equipment – it’s not. It’s meant for smaller rooms primarily, or for operating on medium or low speeds. Those speeds are not going to completely clean the air inside a 500 square foot room.

The Scent Of Plastic

Another issue cited is that it has a plastic smell to it. This can be a problem for people with extra sensitive noses. But for most of us, it’s a non-issue.

Due to the fact that this is a smaller air purifier, some report not seeing clear evidence of cleaner air. But I think this is more a function of the conditions of a given room rather than the effectiveness of the purification unit. Others complain that they still have to dust. But no air filter or purifier is designed to be a replacement for regular dusting and cleaning.

Some users have said that some have said that while the T500 removes smoke, it doesn’t seem to get rid of the smell that lingers. Again the issue may be one of cleaning. Smoke easily penetrates clothing, upholstery, carpet, and drapes.

Filtering the air is only part of the solution. All those smoke infused elements need to be thoroughly cleaned as well.

The Verdict Is In

The T500 is built and backed by a quality name that’s been around for the past decade. Truth is, the T500 works well when used properly, but for mostly smaller rooms. It’s also not difficult to take with you on your travels. If you travel a lot on business, this could be a Godsend.

All things considered, the T500 works best as a “starter” air purifier. It’s more of a light-duty model then the much bigger units like the BreatheSmart, also manufactured by Alen.

For A Single Room – The T500 Works Well

The T500 is best used for one room at a time. It can definitely be useful and depending on your needs and budget and the size of the room it’s intended for, this device could be a terrific solution for you.

Many satisfied customers purchase several of these units for separate, private offices or individual bedrooms in a house. The T500 may be the ideal filter if you have lots of enclosed spaces such as private offices or the typical rooms of the house or apartment.

If your floor space is divided up into individual rooms and those rooms are not of a huge size, this option could serve you well – but it can only do one room at a time.

If you’re unsure as to whether the T500 would be suitable for you, I suggest starting with one. Buy one unit and take good care of it. Use it as directed and within a limited space. Only then you can you accurately judge its effectiveness and determine if it’s a good match for your needs.

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