7 Iron-Clad Reasons In Favor Of Treadmill Desks For The Office

It’s no secret that sitting at a desk endlessly is not particularly good for anyone’s health or well-being. The human body wasn’t designed for the sedentary lifestyle many people have grown accustomed to with their office jobs. But treadmill desks can change everything.

sitting down all day isn't healthyRemaining seated all day is unhealthy. It also contributes to the obesity epidemic and weakens the body’s natural ability to fight off disease.

People tend to grow tired and lethargic from remaining seated for long stretches of time.

Studies indicate that it is also less productive to sit at a desk all day than when sitting is combined with intermittent standing or walking sessions.

Taking Care of People

As a business, you can have cutting-edge products, a global presence, and state-of-the-art facilities. But what you should never overlook is the real asset value of your employees. People are the heart and soul of every successful enterprise – large and small. When you provide your people with the best possible tools and office environment – you tend to get the best out of them.

It’s important to not only perform effectively day-after-day but to do so in a way that adds to their lives instead of taking anything away. Treadmill desks can go a long way towards improving the health and job performance of anyone who uses them consistently. They can be a critical component of an outstanding wellness program for your organization.

loyal hard-working employeesYour Greatest Asset

Let’s face it, loyal, hard-working employees are the greatest asset any business can have. Without quality people, what have you got? But are we as business owners and executives doing all we can to protect and nurture our human resources?

Treadmill desks are an easy way to encourage employees to get more physically active during the day. It’s a perk that pays off in spades.

Following are the top 7 reasons why your company should at least consider providing treadmill desks for your employees:

1. You’re going to be providing standard desks and/or workstations anyway. So why not provide something that costs about the same (or even less) yet provides value in multiple ways? Yes, there are two components – desks and treadmills required. But compared to all the things required for a typical workstation, cubicle, or private office – there’s little difference in cost.

2. Standing is healthier than sitting. Walking (even slowly) it’s healthier than standing alone. A typical day will probably include all three – sitting, standing, and walking. Providing the equipment  encourages greater engagement. This ultimately leads to fewer sick days, a happier workforce, and lower health insurance costs.

typing in trreadmill desk

3.  After a brief period of adjustment, most people find it just as easy to perform many routine office tasks while standing or walking at a desk as it is while sitting. The key with a treadmill desk is to walk slow – up to about 2 miles per hour. At higher speeds, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage certain tasks like answering emails. But reading alone is actually easy at 3 to 3.5 miles per hour.

4.  While most “multitasking” is disruptive and unproductive, walking while you work actually enhances one’s productivity. The activity of movement increases your level of alertness and focus.

It’s second nature for most of us to walk without paying conscious attention to the physical activity. Yet it’s this very kind of movement that energizes and uplifts one’s state of being, making you more attentive and focused on the work-related tasks in front of you.

end-of-day-exhaustion5. Most people today lead moderately to extremely busy lives. So it’s often difficult to find time for any extra time for exercise.

Being able to walk on the job helps everyone add movement and exercise to their daily routine. With a treadmill desk at work, you won’t have to worry about trying to squeeze in 30 minutes of exercise into an already overloaded schedule.

As important as exercise is to a healthier lifestyle, it’s a lot easier when you don’t have to think about it or plan on a trip to the gym. The fact that you can accomplish other things at the same time is a bonus.

6. Walking is an easy way to improve one’s mood. Better moods lead to an improved overall atmosphere in the office and performance levels increase too. All forms of exercise – including walking – stimulates the release of dopamine in the brain. It’s this feel-good chemical that boosts one’s level of happiness and satisfaction.

Being able to trigger this helpful attitude booster is particularly useful for anyone who deals directly with clients such as sales reps, project managers, and customer service personnel.

7. Walking is the most effortless and natural form of human exercise. It helps the body function more effectively in multiple ways. It improves circulation, gets more blood going to the brain, stimulates the lymphatic system, and strengthens the immune system. The spinoff effect is that walking can help ward off serious illnesses, ease back pain, improve sleep patterns and more.

Healthier, happier employees tend to perform at a higher level on the job. So, anything that enhances the physical health and emotional well-being of the individuals on your team – benefits the entire organization.

That’s what treadmill desks can do. They get people moving. And the result is a healthier workforce, accelerated energy levels, intensified focus, and elevated spirits. All this can only improve your bottom line.

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